Apple has recently launched a new developer toolkit called TipKit, which aims to help developers teach users how to use their mobile apps more effectively. This innovative solution seems to be inspired by GRAVITY, a platform that offers personalized app walkthroughs and onboarding experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Apple’s decision to adopt a similar approach to GRAVITY, the benefits it brings to developers and users alike, and how TipKit goes beyond just emulating GRAVITY’s success. Read more

Training formats have undergone a dramatic shift from classical in-person formats to technology supported trainings.. This is how Christoph Meier from the swiss competence centre for innovations in learning (scil) at the University of St. Gallen, interprets the combined findings of the 2021 & 2022 industry survey by the Swiss Association for Continuing Education.   Read more

GRAVITY allows you to block specific URLs from displaying content within the specified area. “CONTAINS in PATH”, “CONTAINS in PARAMS”, and “ENTIRE URL” allow you to be very specific about the pages where you want to block GRAVITY content. In this example, we illustrate how to block GRAVITY content from appearing on any URL path with the word ‘project’ in it by using a general rule. In addition, we illustrate how to block GRAVITY on a search result page containing files. Read more

Some companies can’t make use of audiences. In most cases, the needed audiences are not reflected in the available directories. The audiences help to display information to different groups of users. Often users have different views or functions inside an app. Read more

Gamification war lange der «Liebling» der Consulting Szene. In diversen Projekten wurde probiert Spieltheorien und Geschäftsapplikation zu verschmelzen. Die grundlegende Überzeugung bestand darin, dass wenn man nur die richtigen Spiel-Elemente in eine Geschäftsapplikation implementiert, dann entsteht Spielfreude während man konkrete Ziele erreicht. So sollten auch repetitive Arbeiten Spass machen können. Wir dachten das man jede Anwendung in ein Spiel transformieren kann, wenn man nur Badges, Punkte und Ranglisten hinzufügt. Es war die Hochzeit von Programmen wie «Foursquare». Alles wurde in ein Spiel verwandelt. Read more