Save 90% of your Enterprise Learning Costs


This is how we save you money

On the Job training

User are educated on applications and processes while they’re using them.

Knowledge is transferred to the user while they’re using the real application or are executing a live business process.

Live “fire training” instead of playing in a sandbox!

No more E-learning

Classical e-learning creates a gap between theory, examples and cases in the real world.

Gravity closes this gap.

This saves time and resources spent on expensive e-Learning software.

Rapid IT project rollouts

New software can be rolled out rapidly without separate training.

Users can be assigned tasks and goals directly in the new application.

Progress can be continuously monitored and learning goals adapted on the go.

Perfectly timed updates instead of emails

Updates to processes or applications can be fully integrated into the actual work with GRAVITY. Users learn about updates when they’re actually using the application and are no longer swamped with emails.

Reduce support cost tremendously

Interactive, step-by-step instructions are available at every step of your application and are fully integrated in to your workflow.

All callouts are accessible if needed, even after they’re closed.

No more guessing what happened during a support case, and support staff aren’t overworked!

User satisfaction

Using GRAVITY is a piece of cake and doesn’t need any deep IT know-how.

Business owners can define their own workflows for their teams without any additional tools.

You can lead users through a task, giving them confidence and teaching them new skills with improved processes.

How does GRAVITY work?

Four types of callouts give you different options in training your users. Callouts can be applied directly to applications or business processes, either on Sharepoint or Webapp technology. User activity is continuously monitored and progress can be tracked.

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