Some companies can’t make use of audiences. In most cases, the needed audiences are not reflected in the available directories. The audiences help to display information to different groups of users. Often users have different views or functions inside an app.

GRAVITY can overcome that issue through a combination of functions. To manage different user groups, without having audiences, one can make use of the function “Wait ONCE for callout target”. More information on this function is in the GRAVITY Wiki.

In this example case we use SAP SuccessFactors. On the new landing screen, different users see different tiles. The view depends on the functions of the users. In Picture 1 (marked in green) are two tiles that should be explained with a workflow, but only to people who can see it.

Picture 1

To achieve this goal, you need to create two workflows:

  • One that explains the tiles visible to all
  • The other workflow explains the functions visible to the other group

The workflow that should be visible to the smaller group needs to be configured, so it is only displayed if the tiles are visible on the page. To achieve this, you need to go to step 1 of the workflow. In edit mode, step 2 you select “Wait ONCE for callout target” (Picture 2).

Picture 2

Whit such configuration, the workflow waits until the first element is visible and activates itself. If the element is visible on the page, only the first workflow starts.

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