Use cases

System rollout

Wether it’s Office 365 or a new custom-built in-house application, rolling out new applications to employees happens all the time. Unfortunately many rollouts fail, eg. 1 in 5 ERP rollouts is a failure. One of the key factors to a successful rollout is, that users are well trained, feel comfortable with the new application and get the help they need.

GRAVITY Personal Help systems delivers on all fronts. By seamlessly integrating  your specific training and education directly in your application. This ensures that employees get the training when and where they need it most: while they’re working with your application.

Solving the biggest adoption hurdle – user adoption and satisfaction – guarantees your system rollout to be a success. GRAVITY has helped customers pull off their Office 365, SAP, Salesforce, Intranet and many other rollouts successfully.


Enterprise Learning

Every company’s processes and applications are constantly evolving. To ensure smooth operations employees need to be trained continously in order for their skills to stay current. Typically learning methods based on Train-the-Trainer, Web-Based-Training or extensive documentation are deployed in most organizations.

GRAVITY Personal Help system takes this approach one step further: by directly integrating in your application. Your employees get the help they need, when they need it and where they need it. GRAVITY Personal Help ensures that employees learn in the right context and ensures that your training is alway in sync with your applications. Outdated PDFs on a shared drive are a thing of the past.

Organizations using Gravity have a significantly better trained staff, get more value out of their existing Enterprise Learning spend and are a better running company.


Support desk

Every organization has a support desk, which helps employees with any application issue they encounter. Every single person has spent time waiting on the phone to get in contact with an agent and vice-versa many support organisations have experience being swamped by many calls at once.

GRAVITY Personal Help system takes the edge off the workload of the support desk and makes users happier because they get the help they deserve immediately. Your expert employees provide help to their colleagues directly in your applications. Significantly reduce the load on your support organization by relying on those which already know best: your employees.

Employees with direct access to the training they need can help themselves quicker and are more satisfied.