The GRAVITY 1.11.3 release provides minor product update that fixes some bugs, brings compatibility with newer SQL databases and one new product compatibilty.

What’s new?

New: Automatic user authentication for Haufe Umantis (Sync Mode). GRAVITY may now use Umantis installations to identify users. That allows cases where GRAVITY should only be used in Umantis environments or no other users identity sources besides Umantis are available.

Umantis-GRAVITY-IntegrationUpdate: Support of MySQL version 8. GRAVITY now fully supports all MySQL 8 dependencies. Issues appeared mainly in Docker container environments.

Fix: Improved automatic user authentication on SAP SuccessFactors sites. SAP SuccessFactors identifies his user in more ways than a few month ago. GRAVITY 1.11.3 incorporated these ways in to sync mode.

Fix: The hotspot filter style issue on Admin site for Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge, when only one application was defined, is now fixed. A fix for a very rarely occurred bug. When only one application was defined in an Internet Explorer (IE) environment the GRAVITY admin was not able to filter hotspot search results by sites.


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