Bob Odenkirk did not mean GRAVITY when he spoke those words as Saul Goodman. But he might have. GRAVITY is but a humble vessel. Our customers must speak through it. By creating great content for their users. Just copy-pasting existing pdf and instruction manuals into callouts will not work. 

Better Call Saul (c) AMC

Read more about how you can drive your employees to action by creating great content 

How to create great content

For GRAVITY to work its magic, it is important to keep in mind that callouts should follow a set of principles. Specifically, they must be:

  • Action oriented. Tell employees what they need to do rather than what they need to know
  • Be as specific as possible. Tell exactly what is required in a specific step of a process (“enter the 9-digit PO number from SAP that ends with your 4-digit project code”) rather than explaining generic functions
  • Support the flow of the employees work by choosing the ideal positioning of a callout within the application
    and finally:
  • Break complex tasks into three parts: Trigger, activity, follow-up

Trigger, activity, follow-up 

Complex tasks must be broken down into three logical steps.  

First, an employee must be altered as to the action that is required. We call it the “trigger”. In the example of a time reporting tool, the alert might be a reminder to complete your worktime entry before closing your working week. 

Next, the employees must be guided through the action. These might be several steps, depending on the activity. In our example: enter amount of worked hours before and after lunch each as one figure each, excluding breaks longer than 15 minutes”. 

Finally, a “follow-up” is required, telling the employee how to conclude the task. E.g., “do not forget to report overtime at next comm cell meeting with your team”. 


What callout type to best use

The following table provides an overview on how to make best use of the different callout types depending on what you want to achieve.

Your feedback and experience are valuable

You gained some interesting experience using GRAVITY in your business? Please, submit us examples of callouts that worked very well or not at all. Making best use of GRAVITY is a learning process for us all! Thank you. 

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