Gravity’s up to something big:

Revolutionising digital adoption in the workplace.


Our software’s not just for the browser anymore.

It will be the first of its kind also available on desktop, Windows and rich apps.

Introducing ‘Adoo’, the next version of GRAVITY.



On the desktop, Adoo isn’t exposed to any browser security restrictions, so now there’s far less reason to call on IT departments.



Gravity Global always envisioned a product that supports the whole desktop experience, not just web browsers. Adoo brings this ambition to life.

Integrated and independent

All around you

Adoo will support fat apps installed on Microsoft Windows and be completely autonomous from any web browser.



Manual discovery is lame


Operating system functions like scroll stop and mouse release will be used to discover new content. All customisable, of course.


Always non-invasive


Like GRAVITY, Adoo is an overlay to all else on your screen and doesn’t interfere the host applications. It only interacts on your operating system.




It no longer matters which platform you use. Adoo supports and interacts with everything on your screen: your office suite, your browser, your notebook … everything!




We’re taking our motto, “No need to repeat yourself,” to the next level. Adoo automates ‘content reuse’ so that you can link instructional content – like images, blurbs and videos – to more than one application or location.


Fluent design

Fluent design

With customizable colors and text, Adoo will seamlessly blend into your enterprise’s existing visuals and design, following Microsoft’s newest UI Framework and Design guidelines.


A product of learning itself

We learned a lot with the rollout of GRAVITY, the first version of our software., We applied all those lessons  in creating Adoo – the product on the market most capable of helping your employees remember and learn.