Tired of costly, burdensome IT rollouts? Your employees are, too.

With Gravity’s cutting-edge software, you don’t need an IT “deployment” or training plan: workflows and training go hand-in-hand. Our interactive software maximizes efficiency by going “on top” of your internal business applications and processes.

The result? Your IT rollout will cost up to 90 percent less than before and drastically improve learning outcomes. Read on to learn how.

IT Rollouts: Then

Introducing new software in the workplace was never easy. People don’t like change. People really don’t like being forced to change. And they really, really don’t like being forced to change when it means adopting new, complicated tools and processes.

IT rollouts also placed a heavy burden on a company’s infrastructure. Besides the costs of the software itself, hefty financial and staff resources were required to secure sufficient internal buy-in.

Let’s dissect a typical, old-fashioned IT rollout plan:

1) Make employees study training manuals

Even the good employees who take a hard look at those manuals will have difficulty absorbing them without immediate, practical application. And if the company hasn’t mastered the art of archiving (you’d be surprised how many haven’t), your employee won’t even be able to find the manual again when he or she needs it.

2) Demand employees participate in costly workshops and webinars

Completely impractical. First, they’re so expensive! To successfully pull them off, be ready to pay for at least one trainer, a training facility, training materials and transport. Second, the return on investment is awful. Remember that the average person retains just 10 percent of instruction without repetitive review. When companies fail to plan for post-workshop/webinar training, their IT rollouts do the same: fail.  

3) Appoint an “influencer” or “champion” to convert reluctant employees

This one has always perplexed us. “Reward” talented staff with extra responsibility? It won’t be long before even the most selfless among them cross over into the disgruntled camp, too.

This whole conversation is outdated, and you no longer have to start it.

IT Rollouts: Now

Gravity has completely reinvented IT rollouts. Yes, employees are busy, and being told they need to learn a new workplace technology usually triggers grumbles and eye rolls.

But is it the technology that’s a burden … or is it the learning process?

Gravity’s approach is unobtrusive. Four types of callouts, timed for relevance and retention, grab a user’s attention:

Announcement callout

Do employees need to review a new compliance regulation? Is the office closing early today? Announcement callouts activate even when Gravity software isn’t opened. They must be “accepted” before users proceed in their system, so they’re the best way to communicate in real-time.

Single callout

Compared to Announcements, these are integrated into applications and provide instructions relevant to the application’s context. Content can be short or long, text or video, whatever is most effective for communicating with your team.

Step-by-step callout

Help employees navigate a tool or software process with a series of callouts. These appear when the application’s opened, and like all callouts, users can click out out of them at their discretion.

Information callout

Does your software have a new search function? Has the interface changed? Information callouts draw users’ attention to these updates – automatically and discreetly.

Companies manage all callouts from a monitoring dashboard, making it easy to modify your rollout approach and track usage. Here you can generate a usage report to see how many intended viewers read the callouts, keeping user identities completely anonymous to protect their privacy. You can then choose to reactivate the callouts for employees who missed them.



  • Receive important workplace information and “learn as they go” using intuitive methods and without the disruption of email chains and memos.
  • Are empowered! They learn new skills just by moving through their workflows. (No requisite IT knowledge required!)
  • Customize Gravity software with step-by-step instructions to guide users through applications and workflows.
  • Save a ton of time and money on expensive e-learning software or in-person trainings.
  • Support a happy workforce.


We’re called Gravity because our software is a force for keeping your team’s focus where it should be: on work. Request a demo today and see how our cost-effective solution to IT rollouts boosts learning outcomes, along with workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.

Image Credit: Alex Kotliarskyi

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