IZS Management Application
City of Zurich

For the Social Departement in the City of Zurich we are using Gravity to explain the so called “Masterform” where the user is able to enter and modify information about the different Social Services the City of Zurich is offering. Even though the form is designed in a very user friendly way, the different features and functions the form provides are quite complex and users need to be reminded how different actions are made in the application.

This is where Gravity kicks in! Gravity helps the user to find the exact information the user needs when she or he works with the forms. So there is no loss in time and keeps the user acceptance of the IZS Management tool high.

Gravity is fantastic! Its simplicity to use and setting up, helped me to get Gravity into use within less than one day. We do not only receive less support tickets but also have very happy end customers of our rather complex management system. We definitely are aiming to expand the use of Gravity within our department!

René de SenarclensSenior Project Manager Social Department City of Zurich