GRAVITY in its puberty? On the contrary! We have constantly been working on improvements to reach maturity level for version 1. As of now, work on GRAVITY 2.0 will start. We will be regularly reporting on the benefits it will bring to our customers and partners.

Based on experiences gained with and feedback provided by our customers, edition thirteen brings some remarkable new features. Those include:

  • GRAVITY 1.13 now fully supports Cornerstone on Demand, a leading Human Capital Management system
  • New GRAVITY users can automatically be shown a pre-defined help text, welcoming them, or guiding them to further assistance
  • Access to the dashboard can be configured by site, allowing for a selective use of this feature in line with the specific needs of the customer’s organization
  • The export/import function available for workflows as well. This is particularly important for our partners, as it facilitates reuse of pre-populated workflows across their customer base
  • Workflow Timeout. Provided a user does not complete all steps of a workflow, it will deactivate after a pre-defined time, memorizing this workflow as “not started”. Furthermore, the first and last step of a workflow are visually highlighted, so users immediately know where they stand in the process
  • Various smaller improvements such as the isolation of the translation function when “Beezy” is used with SharePoint or the fact that a negative window size does no longer lead to invisible callouts.

Cornerstone Support 

The SaaS application “Cornerstone” is now supported with “User Sync”. This means “Cornerstone” can be used to identify users and is available as a GRAVITY app type. 

GRAVITY control element can display a help text the first time 

If users are automatically added to GRAVITY (Sync Mode “On” & Security Level 0), the user can now see a help text for the GRAVITY control element. This text can be written and activated/disabled in all enabled languages. 

Restrict access to the dashboard 

The visibility of the dashboard access can be configured per site. Authors and goal owners can still use the dashboard. Ordinary users, on the other hand, do not see the dashboard feature. The dashboard can also be disabled completely in case no goals, tasks, or statistics are used. 

Export/import function for workflows 

The export and import function now also supports workflows. Previously, only callouts, announcements and information callouts had been exported. The “Hotspot URL replacement” for import now also supports workflows. 

Workflow Time Out 

Workflows now have a time out. The time out is defined in minutes. If a workflow step remains open (not further clicked) during the defined time out, the workflow is canceled. For this user, the workflow is then considered unstarted. Therefore, if the first workflow step is marked as “Auto Open”, the user is now shown the first step again.  

However, if the user leaves the page within the defined time out and later navigates back to the page, they will see the last state of their workflow. 

The time out time in minutes can be defined in the GRAVITY admin page. Default setting is five minutes. 

First and last workflow steps are visually recognizable 

The first and last steps are grayed out. So that it is visually clear to the user that the workflow does not go any further. 

Other product improvements 

  • Site URL Watcher: Detection of new URL if in-app routing is used
  • Support for private SSL/TLS certificates for outgoing mail servers
  • Support of SMTP connections restricted to TLS 1.2
  • Improved isolation of the translation function when GRAVITY is used with Beezy for SharePoint.
  • Workflow steps without “user confirmation” are considered ‘done’ (for statistics) if all steps have been completed
  • Support for “Font Awesome 5”
  • “Reset for all users” in Edit Mode – Step 2 also resets the “display counter”
  • The site configuration now also supports “,” (comma) as part of the URL
  • Negative window sizes no longer lead to “invisible” callouts
  • Handling of empty login parameters is changed. If user login information is empty during autologin, we don’t send any server requests just log that email is empty and autologin is not possible
  • The Announcement position on the screen is changed from centered to top of the screen. That makes it easier to place bigger images on different screen sizes and different browser view scaling

Please read the official release notes for a full list of all new features, improvements and fixes.

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