Only nine months have passed since we announce GRAVITY thirteen. As promised back then we have started work on GRAVITY 2.0 and it is progressing nicely.

With data privacy and security, next to great functionality of course, being some of our main priorities, we are constantly penetration testing GRAVITY. As a result, we frequently release security updates, especially relating to the admin site, which is great for our SaaS and on-prem customers.

Next to these security updates, we are trying to include as many of the invaluable customer requests we have received for new features and product improvements. Many have found their way int one of the minor releases of 1.14 which has meanwhile progressed to 1.14.7, likely the final release for 2021.

Some of the highlights of Release 1.14. include

  • Additional major enterprise grade security features are now available – even though GRAVITY could not be penetrated successfully in an external penetration test carried out by InfoGuard, we have implemented all the recommendations from their findings
  • New Use-Cases supported Audience’s import/export and Auto Remove function
  • GRAVITY 1.14.7 supports BSI CRM a leading Swiss CRM system – further increasing the list of native integrations

Enterprise Grade Security Features

The new securities features include.

  • Prevention of cross-site-request for admin page
  • Antivirus Scan and inject protection for all file uploads
  • Configuration of availability of embedded code for callouts
  • Two-factor Authentication for GRAVITY Admin Site Login
  • Minimum complexity requirements for Admin Site Passwords
  • Adjustable session time out for Admin Site

Our Head of Product Development, Christoph Müller, recorded this video explaining some of the key features.

Audience Handling

Yes, yes, we love security and privacy- the only thing that gets us more excited than that is great functionality and the best user experience. We know after all, that User Onboarding in corporate software is as easy as learning to play a computer game.

With this release we’ve enabled new onboarding use cases that were previously a rather manual exercise. There are no Active Directory Groups for New-Joiners so how to bundle them together without significant manual efforts? With GRAVITY Content owners are now able to do just that, by importing a bunch of new-joiners (think 30 new apprentices that start after the School Holidays) and assign them to such a new-joiner group before they even start in the organization. This means they get relevant content from day one and thus a truly great onboarding experience.

The auto-remove function helps with the housekeeping since members no longer must be manually removed but an expiry for their membership can be set – ensuring that the new joiner audience truly only houses new joiners. Yes, we know – great functionality paired with great security? But unlike the frequently provided overpromised sensitive condom, with GRAVITY this combination is reality.

BSI Support

Whilst GRAVITY theoretically can work with any browser application, there is often a need for a little customization when it comes to identifying users and reading the “structure” of the application for our callouts.

Thus, with each major application that is added to our native stack, the usage possibilities of GRAVITY are further increased. We are pretty excited about GRAVITY now natively supporting “User Sync“ with BSI CRM”.

This means “BSI CRM” can be used to identify users and is available as a GRAVITY app type. Why is this so exciting you may ask? Well, because BSI Software is another Swiss Success story with their products being used by many banks and insurance companies.


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