For the first time ever, app managers can be alerted to changes in the application

GRAVITY’s innovative Lighthouse tool intelligently notifies app managers of app updates in real time.

All app producers publish written instructions to help users navigate apps effectively. This documentation is usually compiled in a wiki or a PDF.

But in a cloud environment, app updates occur all the time. Then what happens? Do your users go back and reread all the documentation? (Do the apps reliably update all the documentation?) Of course not.

GRAVITY’s Lighthouse tool finds where application updates disrupt user workflows. Then it emails the app manager to tell them to update GRAVITY’s instructional callouts accordingly. It’s the first-ever solution of its kind.

Lighthouse in action

As seen in the video, you originally created a GRAVITY callout box in an application with the instruction, “Add a new customer.” However, in the last app update, the “Add new customer” button was removed from the interface.

Enter: GRAVITY’s “Lighthouse” feature. (Request a demo to see how it works firsthand!)

In our example, the absence of an “Add new customer” button triggered Lighthouse to notify the app manager of the problem via email. The manager immediately could then immediately update the callout to reflect the change.

As we discussed in “Four Tips for ‘On the Job’ Training with GRAVITY,” Gravity’s software was designed to stay in the background of the user’s experience. That’s why your colleague who encountered a missing “delete” button in Step 2 has been able to continue on to Step 3. GRAVITY hasn’t disrupted their work.

Users are constantly sidetracked by a bad or unpredictable user interface or a buggy system. As a buffer between the user and the application, GRAVITY tackles these problems so they don’t hurt the user experience.

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