GRAVITY allows you to block specific URLs from displaying content within the specified area. “CONTAINS in PATH”, “CONTAINS in PARAMS”, and “ENTIRE URL” allow you to be very specific about the pages where you want to block GRAVITY content. In this example, we illustrate how to block GRAVITY content from appearing on any URL path with the word ‘project’ in it by using a general rule. In addition, we illustrate how to block GRAVITY on a search result page containing files. Read more

Some companies can’t make use of audiences. In most cases, the needed audiences are not reflected in the available directories. The audiences help to display information to different groups of users. Often users have different views or functions inside an app. Read more

Computerspiele entwickeln sich in der Regel und werden schwieriger, indem neue Funktionen, Rätsel oder Vorgehensweisen eingeführt werden, wenn der Spieler im Spiel fortschreitet. Passionierte Spieler fangen ausserdem häufig neue, zum Teil sehr komplexe, Spiele an. Sie meistern die steigende Komplexität, oder das Erlernen eines neuen Spiels, ohne jemals ein Handbuch zu lesen oder eine Schulung zu absolvieren. Read more

Bob Odenkirk did not mean GRAVITY when he spoke those words as Saul Goodman. But he might have. GRAVITY is but a humble vessel. Our customers must speak through it. By creating great content for their users. Just copy-pasting existing pdf and instruction manuals into callouts will not work. 

Better Call Saul (c) AMC

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Google Chrome 80 will roll out an incompatible change regarding the “SameSite” cookie attribute starting Feb 17, 2020. All cross-domain browser scenarios, regardless of GRAVITY, could be critically affected.

In this blog, we would like to inform you on the technical background, the affected scenarios and provide a solution of the problem.

This blog focuses on scenarios containing GRAVITY for Web in Google Chrome scenarios. Read more

We all have a curious mind. When presented with a new program, we just want to explore. And we all believe we do not need education upfront to be able to navigate. Rather, we blame the developers for a bad user experience. And yet, when a new system is being rolled-out or a new feature is being deployed, we are expected to know before we do. Trouble is: It does not work.

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GRAVITY’s enterprise learning software makes employee onboarding and IT rollouts much easier. But to reach its full potential, GRAVITY needs your input. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but we want to share four principles to help you best sync GRAVITY with your team’s work process. Read more