Initial situation

On March 30th, a new vulnerability was reported in Spring Beans, currently being dubbed “Spring4Shell”, with experts believing it could be as impactful as 2021’s Log4j. See also VMware’s CVE-2022-22965. Read more

Computerspiele entwickeln sich in der Regel und werden schwieriger, indem neue Funktionen, Rätsel oder Vorgehensweisen eingeführt werden, wenn der Spieler im Spiel fortschreitet. Passionierte Spieler fangen ausserdem häufig neue, zum Teil sehr komplexe, Spiele an. Sie meistern die steigende Komplexität, oder das Erlernen eines neuen Spiels, ohne jemals ein Handbuch zu lesen oder eine Schulung zu absolvieren. Read more

Only nine months have passed since we announce GRAVITY thirteen. As promised back then we have started work on GRAVITY 2.0 and it is progressing nicely.

With data privacy and security, next to great functionality of course, being some of our main priorities, we are constantly penetration testing GRAVITY. As a result, we frequently release security updates, especially relating to the admin site, which is great for our SaaS and on-prem customers. Read more

Bob Odenkirk did not mean GRAVITY when he spoke those words as Saul Goodman. But he might have. GRAVITY is but a humble vessel. Our customers must speak through it. By creating great content for their users. Just copy-pasting existing pdf and instruction manuals into callouts will not work. 

Better Call Saul (c) AMC

Read more about how you can drive your employees to action by creating great content 

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GRAVITY in its puberty? On the contrary! We have constantly been working on improvements to reach maturity level for version 1. As of now, work on GRAVITY 2.0 will start. We will be regularly reporting on the benefits it will bring to our customers and partners.

Based on experiences gained with and feedback provided by our customers, edition thirteen brings some remarkable new features. Those include:

  • GRAVITY 1.13 now fully supports Cornerstone on Demand, a leading Human Capital Management system
  • New GRAVITY users can automatically be shown a pre-defined help text, welcoming them, or guiding them to further assistance
  • Access to the dashboard can be configured by site, allowing for a selective use of this feature in line with the specific needs of the customer’s organization
  • The export/import function available for workflows as well. This is particularly important for our partners, as it facilitates reuse of pre-populated workflows across their customer base
  • Workflow Timeout. Provided a user does not complete all steps of a workflow, it will deactivate after a pre-defined time, memorizing this workflow as “not started”. Furthermore, the first and last step of a workflow are visually highlighted, so users immediately know where they stand in the process
  • Various smaller improvements such as the isolation of the translation function when “Beezy” is used with SharePoint or the fact that a negative window size does no longer lead to invisible callouts.

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