Benefits of using GRAVITY – Supporting your business case

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This brief overview is thought of as support for project leads, application owners or L&D managers developing a business case for the usage of GRAVITY in their area of responsibility.

Quantifiable / Hard Benefits

1. Reduction of application support and training resources saves a multiple of the licensing costs

For your business case, you can plan for a significant reduction in resources deployed during the introduction phase of new or significantly renewed applications.
Depending on the specific business case and your internal organisation, these resources can be part of

  • the headcount of the application owner’s organisation
  • project budgets
  • in the IT support organisation
  • in your L&D department

Experience with productive GRAVITY instances suggest that this one-time saving alone is a multiple of the annual licensing cost. In a case with a Swiss private bank, the reduction amounted to 5 FTE over a three-month period. These resources would otherwise have been deployed to accompany the roll-out phase of a new application for 2,500 users globally. Conservatively calculated, this benefit alone surpassed the annual licensing cost for GRAVITY by a factor of six. For references, please contact us. In addition, you may calculate annually repeating savings in the support organisation, as you can expect significantly fewer user requests for application support. Quantification depends on the complexity of the underlying application as well as the frequency of its use. You may want to talk to your IT support organisation.

2. Faster project conclusion and higher user adoption secures business case of underlying application

Delays experienced in the user adoption of applications often jeopardize the business case that justified the development of the application in the first place. Depending on the nature of the project or application, your GRAVITY business case may claim part of the benefits originally quantified therein. This is especially true for time critical benefits, e.g. applications supporting a growth or cost reduction target.
Quantification can be achieved by drawing from company internal experience with other projects rolling out new or significantly renewed applications. Please have a look at the user adoption rate in earlier examples as a basis for the calculation.

Not Quantifiable / Soft Benefits

The most significant benefit of GRAVITY is probably the improvement of the productivity of your employees. This benefit is intuitively clear and supported by our personal and often painful experience at every day work, juggling with numerous and ever-changing applications and processes.

It is however very difficult to quantify this benefit, as it is spread very thin across a large population. Your CFO would find it hard justifying the reduction in general staff by x% as a result of the introduction of GRAVITY!

Nevertheless, in a world of growing scarcity of skilled labour and increased speed of change (not only of applications, but also regarding the average tenure of people in a job), GRAVITY helps your company to continue being an employer of choice with highly motivated and engaged people. And it supports the documentation of expert knowledge specific for your work environment before it is lost to attrition.

For further questions on your business case regarding the usage of GRAVITY, please contact us.