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The muse, she speaks through me, I am but a humble vessel

Bob Odenkirk did not mean GRAVITY when he spoke those words as Saul Goodman. But he might have. GRAVITY is but a humble vessel. Our customers must speak through it. By creating great content for their users. Just copy-pasting existing pdf and instruction manuals into callouts will not work.  Read more about how you can drive your employees to action by creating great content 

GRAVITY Web one turns thirteen

GRAVITY in its puberty? On the contrary! We have constantly been working on improvements to reach maturity level for version 1. As of now, work on GRAVITY 2.0 will start. We will be regularly reporting on the benefits it will bring to our customers and partners. Based on experiences gained with and feedback provided by our customers, edition thirteen brings […]


‘Google Chrome 80’ and GRAVITY

Google Chrome 80 will roll out an incompatible change regarding the “SameSite” cookie attribute starting Feb 17, 2020. All cross-domain browser scenarios, regardless of GRAVITY, could be critically affected. In this blog, we would like to inform you on the technical background, the affected scenarios and provide a solution of the problem. This blog focuses […]